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Waukesha West Bands offers a comprehensive music education program that includes concert band, jazz ensemble, wind ensemble, symphonic winds & percussion, marching band & colorguard, and pep band. Our program is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in music theory, performance, and technique. Click here to learn more about our programs and how they can benefit you.


Our concert band program is a cornerstone of our music education program. Our students develop their musical skills and knowledge through a diverse repertoire of classical and contemporary music. Click here to learn more about our concert band program and how you can get involved.



Our jazz ensemble program is a dynamic and engaging opportunity for students to explore different styles of music and improvisation. Our students learn to collaborate and communicate effectively while developing their own unique musical voice. Click here to learn more about our jazz ensemble program and how you can get involved.


Symphonic Winds & Percussion

Symphonic Winds & Percussion is highly recommended to those
student musicians who, through audition, demonstrate the desire
and ability to perform advanced wind repertoire. First quarter curriculum will include the performing at home football games
and possibly parades and competitions as part of the Marching Band. Symphonic Winds & Percussion (SWAP) is an active organization that performs on many occa­sions throughout the
year. This course strongly urges student participation in solo and ensemble opportunities.


Wind Ensemble

The Wind Ensemble is designed to meet the musical needs of the
most advanced wind and percussionists. Students will study and perform advanced Wind Ensemble repertoire from a variety of
musical styles and periods. Acceptance into the Wind Ensemble is by audition only.


Our color guard program is an integral part of our marching band performances. Our students blend dance, flag work, and other visual elements to create a visually stunning and cohesive performance. Click here to learn more about our color guard program and how you can get involved.



Our marching band program is an exciting and challenging opportunity for students to showcase their musical talent and performance skills. We strive for excellence in every performance, and our students consistently impress audiences with their precision and energy. Click here to learn more about our marching band program and how you can get involved.


Pep Band

A pep band is an ensemble of instrumentalists who play at events, usually athletic, with the purpose of entertaining and creating enthusiasm in a crowd. Often members of a pep band are a subset of people from a larger ensemble such as a marching band or a concert band.

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